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The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship
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Our core curriculum of discipleship
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Leader's Guides

Our guides to assist small group facilitators
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What is Steward of Truth Publications?

The purpose of Steward of Truth Publications is to provide believers with Bible-centered materials that address the foundational issues of the Christian life. Together, as we pursue the answers to such questions, we trust that – over time and by the guidance of our all-wise God – confusion will be replaced with understanding, insecurity will yield to stability, and defeat will surrender to joy ... all to the honor of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

May He richly bless you in your pursuit of His Truth.

As a new believer, no one took me 'under his wing.' I belonged to a church; but I realize now that I needed some help to understand the Christian life. These materials do that. They answer basic questions that every Christian eventually asks.

- Henry, Tennessee