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Evidences of the Rebirth

Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith. Examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you – unless indeed you fail the test?
(2nd Corinthians 13:5)

Do you believe that you are going to heaven when you die?  If so, why do you believe that?  The question is not, “What did you do to ‘get right with God’?”  The question is, “What proof do you have that, if you were to die right now, you would spend eternity in His Presence?”  And if you are not sure about your eternal destiny, would you like to be?

Evidences of the Rebirth is addressed to all who say they belong to Jesus Christ.  Its purpose is to help us answer the question, “Am I really saved … or am I just going through the motions of the Christian religion?” (55 pages)

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  • It Is Possible to Know Whether You Are Saved or Not
  • False Assurances of Salvation:
  •   Public Profession of Faith
  •   Active in Christian Ministry
  •   Belief in God
  •   Church Membership
  •   Water Baptism (Christian Rituals)
  •   Interest in God’s Word
  • Evidences of the Rebirth:
  •   He Holds the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ, in High Esteem
  •   He Holds the Written Word of God in High Esteem
  •   He Strives (though Imperfectly) to Obey the Will of God
  •   He Struggles with His Personal Sins (of which He Is Aware)
  •   He Seeks What Is Best for His Spiritual Siblings in Christ
  •   He Experiences Suffering for the Sake of Righteousness
  •   He Perseveres in the Midst of Trials
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ