Nurturing Christ's Church with the Truth of God's Word

The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship

I stretch out my hands to You, O LORD; my soul longs for You as a parched land.
(Psalm 143:6)

When you sit down to read your Bible and pray, does your soul “thirst for God”?  Or is that time with Him just another task on your “Things To Do” list?

The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship lays out a practical way to transform your fellowship with the Author of eternal life from a religious discipline into a genuine delight. 

If this is your desire, to crave the God of glory, perhaps this little course can help. 


Do You Thirst For God?

How To Have A Quiet Time

How Do I Pray?

Applying God's Word

What Is Discipleship?

About the Book

The Small Group

Table of Contents

The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship </br><b>Workbook</b>